Laser Hair Removal - Triton Duo

laser hair removal for light and dark skin tones


Duo Dark

A device to remove hair from dark skin up to skin type VI. It also works on tanned skin unlike so many other technologies and treatments. Uses 810 nm and 1064 nm Diode and ND:YAG to precisely and expertly render any area of the body smooth and hairless.

Duo Dark works best across multiple sessions (ideally 4-6) to ensure it targets hair during its mature stage. This helps achieve a permanent reduction in hair growth.

key benefits include:

  • highly effective and safe for dark skin up to skin type VI

  • high peak power

  • optimized for safely treating darker and tanned skin tones, for all hair colors and thicknesses

Duo Light

Duo Light emits a unique blend of three wavelengths in multiple outputs to remove hair in a customizable fashion. Adept at treating light hair and skin types I to III and works on several different levels of hair thickness.

Using a 755nm Alexandrite and 810nm Diode, Duo Light is the only simultaneous multi-wavelength technology.

key benefits include:

  • more effective for light and fine hair

  • more effective for skin types I to III

  • can be optimized for all skin types, all hair colors and hair thicknesses

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