Before you book: FAQs about Fibroblasting


what to expect for length and what happens in the appointment? 

Fibroblast appointments are usually booked for 75 minutes. Clients will start with a full consultation followed by 40 mins of numbing. After the client has been fully numbed, the fibroblast treatment will begin.


are the consultation and procedure in the same appointment? 

Yes all Fibroblasting appointments will start with a full consultation, including skin analysis. If at any time the service cannot move forward, there is no cost to the client.

what tools are involved?

We are DermaPro Canada-trained professionals and use a plasma machine called the Plamere Device.


how does it work?

Skin tightening is induced naturally by treating tiny cabon crusts on the skin which induce collagen, fibrin, and elastin to tighten the skin. Full results are seen 8-12 weeks after the procedure has been performed.

how long do the results last?

The results are considered permanent. That being said, we cannot stop the hand of time and the skin will re-age however the results can be enjoyed for many years. Some client may require more then one treatment based on skin laxity and severity of wrinkles.


what does the Plasmapro certification mean?

DermaPro Canada Certification is proof on completed education with the most well known and trusted Fibroblasting training company in North America. You can trust and feel safe having this procedure done by our Derma Pro Professionals.

does it hurt? 

All of our Fibroblast clients will begin the service with 40 mins of numbing for each area being treated. Most clients feel very little discomfort at the time of treatment, however, some may experience discomfort similar to a bad sunburn directly after treatment.


will there be a healing period? 

All clients will heal differently, however there is a 7 - 10 day healing period following a fibroblast treatment.




day 1 

Mild to moderate swelling will subside throughout the day. Discomfort, pain and slight discharge from crusts can occur, but this is normal.


day 2 

After upper/lower eyelid procedure, the swelling is the same or slightly less than the previous day (Day 1). The swelling peaks soon after waking up and subsides slightly throughout the day. Sometimes, swelling also spreads to the under-eye area even if no plasma aesthetic treatment was carried out on the lower eyelids. This is normal, and this swelling of the lower eyelid will subside over the following days.


day 3

The swelling should start to subside noticeably and the spots where the electrical plasma was applied will start scabbing. The scabs must not be picked and should fall off on their own accord.  No further discomfort should be experienced on the third day following the treatment. Tenderness is normal. 


day 4

No discomfort or pain should be felt by the fourth day following the treatment. Some residual minor swelling can still be on the upper eyelids.  Slight tenderness and itchiness is normal.


day 5 

All swelling should have subsided, and some scabs may still be present. The minor swelling on the eye bags should have almost subsided.


day 6

The scabs should have started to fall off. 


day 7

Almost all scabs should have fallen off. At this point, it is ok to resume sunscreen application and makeup as usual. Some crusts can stay longer as every client heals on their own schedule.




week 2

Liberal use of sunscreen is AN ABSOLUTE MUST following treatment. The area, although healed, may feel more tender to the touch than usual and people may experience a stinging sensation while applying creams or washing normally. The area may look pinker than usual.


weeks 3 and 4 

Areas may remain slightly tender and pinker than the rest of the area.


month 2

All tenderness should have subsided. If you feel that you need additional treatments they can be performed now as long as the skin has returned to normal.



Clients with the following conditions are not considered candidates for Fibroblasting. Those who:

  • would like Fibroblasting near the mouth and experience cold sores including an active break out as well as an inactive breakout must complete a course of antivirals prior to procedure)- 

  • have a pacemaker 

  • experience Keloid scaring 

  • have received Botox or fillers within two weeks of their appointment

  • are pregnant or nursing 

  • would like to have Fibroblasting around the eyes MUST remove eyelash extensions prior to the appointment

  • currently have a sun tan or sun burn from the natural sun and or a tanning bed will need to postpone their appointment

  • have very dark skin may not be candidates for Fibroblasting treartment do to the increased risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation this will be thoroughly discussed during your consultation

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