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Cosmetic Tattooing


Ciara Ramsen 
flirt. founder | cosmetic tattoo artist


Ciara is the founder and co-owner of Flirt Cosmetics Studio and Brow Bar. After an eighteen-year career as an Advanced Paramedic with a specialty in Critical Care in Alberta, Ciara decided to switch gears and pursue her passion for cosmetics tattooing.


Blended with her strong entrepreneurial drive, Flirt Cosmetics Studio was born. Ciara is a skilled and highly trained cosmetic tattoo artist who is personally mentored by Anita Abramo, one of the world’s greatest cosmetic tattoo artists.


With her Emergency Medical Services background, including two years working in the operating room, Ciara's hygiene practices exceed the regulated standards.


My goal has always been to train with the best and use the best equipment and pigments. Our entire studio has been created to blend beauty, and enjoyable experience and hygienic practice into one.


Compassionate pricing for cancer patients.


Police, Fire and EMS

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after brow cosmetic tattooing:


before & after brow cosmetic tattooing:


after lip cosmetic tattooing:


Tattoo Services 

Please call to book any cosmetic tattoo appointments. Online booking is not available for these services. DUE TO HIGH DEMAND Ciara's books are now closed until further notice.

A cosmetic AND medical solution!


Micropigmentation are cosmetic tattooing procedures that use specialized tools allowing the artist full control to create perfect, long-lasting and natural results to enhance your unique facial features.

Daily cosmetic applications require time, patience and often leave you sparse in the morning and smudged in the evening. And don't even get us started on the frustrations with working out or swimming!  


If you're like millions of other women, you've plucked, waxed or threaded your brows away, only to find yourself penciling or powdering them back every. single. day. Tired of wasting time drawing on your eyeliner daily? Then we can help!

Complimentary consultation

Do you have any questions about cosmetic tattooing or one of our services? Wondering if you need a touch-up or an additional service? Need an eyebrow tattoo correction? Book this 15-min consultation with one of our experienced technicians.


Powder brows

Nano brows, powder brows, microblading and microshading cosmetic tattooing offer longer-wearing solutions. Includes an 8-week touch up.


Eyebrow tattoo correction 

Support for previous work not done by Flirt. Eyebrow tattoo correction includes an in-depth consultation and inspection of the previous tattoo. Post-healing appointment is included


Annual brow perfecting touch-up

For our existing clients - 6 months to 2 years after initial microblading, microshading or powder brow procedure:

24 months+ after first procedure:

Lip blush or lipstick effect  

This cosmetic tattooing procedure implants your chosen colour into the lips for a hint of colour or a full lipstick effect. Makes your lips glossy and go-ready.

Restorative tattoo

Paramedical tattooing includes scar revision or cosmetic tattooing for camouflage in any area of the body. Restorative tattoo allows you to feel great about these areas of your body. Please book a restorative tattoo consultation prior to this appointment.

also see our Brow Bar services for general brow services >


starting at $200





Got Questions?


who's it for?

Simple – anyone! Our procedures are not only for those who've been a little overzealous with the tweezers; microblading and micropigmentation are the ideal solution for hair loss from chemotherapy, thyroid illness, age-related skin changes or hair loss, trichotillomania, lip hypopigmentation, and many other medical conditions. Just give us a shout and we can talk options.

Our micropigmentation and cosmetic tattoo artist is professionally trained to ensure your new brows, eyeliner or full lip colour match both your face and complexion for the best, and most natural looking results.

what can I expect?

Full healing takes 5 to 10 days

One FREE 8-week touch-up is provided on all procedures

how long is the whole appointment?

Depends on the service:

eyebrows: 2 - 3 hours

lash line: 1 hour 

These timelines give us enough time for paperwork, before/after photos, to talk about your goals, draw on a removable shape (to decide if you are comfortable moving on to the procedure),15 minutes of topical numbing, the procedure and finally a review of aftercare.


does the consultation and procedure happen at the same appointment?

Yes! If you are happy with the consultation we can proceed to the procedure at the same time. There are some skin types that are not suitable for these procedures. This will be addressed during the consultation and we reserve the right to refuse services based on our professional opinion.


what if I change my mind?

If you have a consultation and do not want to proceed, you can leave without any financial obligation. We do not pressure anyone into having services done without full and prior consent.


what will my brows or eyes look like?

We ONLY do natural, subtle, beautiful procedures. Request for unusual colours or shapes will be refused.


does micropigmentation hurt?

If you consent to topical anesthesia the procedure is comfortable.  Everyone has different pain tolerances. We provide 15 minutes of topical numbing prior to the procedure to help make you more comfortable.


how long does micropigmentation last?

Many factors affect how long your new look will last. We recommend ongoing colour touch-ups to keep your look fresh. When you choose to return is your choice though. Good skin care and sun protection help these procedures last longer.


are you health inspected?

Yes! Flirt Cosmetics Studio has a full Alberta Health Services inspection. We use ONLY one-time use, sterile, disposable tools. Everything is opened and disposed of in front of you.


how many sessions does it take to achieve a great result?

Each procedure includes a touch-up appointment at 8 weeks. Some clients may require further touch-ups within 16 weeks. These additional touch-ups will be handled on an individual basis.


can I have microblading with BOTOX® or dermal fillers?

Yes! We request that a MINIMUM of 4 weeks has passed since your last facial injections. 


what is the healing process?

There is a 10 day healing period that requires you to care for your procedure with recovery balm and cleaning instructions. There can be itchiness, light scabbing and flaky skin as you heal. Sweating, swimming and cosmetics can not come in contact with the brows during the healing process.


do I need to take time off work to heal?

No. Any redness/mild swelling is gone within 24 hours. Some areas may remain tender for a few days. Caring for your procedure as instructed will make the healing time quick and easy.


what tools do you use?

We only use sterile, single use fully disposable blades and tools. 


what pigments do you use?

We use USA Made Pemablend Pigments. We DO NOT use any pigments made in China. All of our pigments are stringently tested in Europe, and provide long lasting results that fade naturally.


how should I choose where to get my eyebrows or eyeliner done?

Do some research. Ask what tools are used, ask what pigments are used, ask about health inspection, sterilization and ask to see a photo portfolio of their work. If anyone is unwilling to answer any of your questions, or will not show you proof of the above listed questions, you should probably keep looking!

If you have any other questions, we are more than happy to answer them during our complimentary consultation appointment!